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Artist Collabs

Laura Weinbrenner: Multi-Media Designer

Post by Courtney Wall11/19/17 From our very first product release back in September '16, this baby was hand screenprinted and acid washed by Laura & I (Courtney) in a bar! You'll find much love and collaboration in these threads. Buy it here or read on for the full back story. let's break it down about the ArtistLaura Weinbrenner is a San Diego based multi-media designer. Her work covers typography, photography, illustration, advertising, branding, web design, and packaging. She combines computer-generated design with a playful and personal touch. Not only that, but Laura was at the very first Lady Killas meetup in July '16! She's an OG fashooo. about the Process I met Laura our Senior year at SDSU as we were...
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