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Post by Courtney Wall

From our very first product release back in September '16, this baby was hand screenprinted and acid washed by Laura & I (Courtney) in a bar! You'll find much love and collaboration in these threads. Buy it here or read on for the full back story.

let's break it down

about the Artist
Laura Weinbrenner is a San Diego based multi-media designer. Her work covers typography, photography, illustration, advertising, branding, web design, and packaging. She combines computer-generated design with a playful and personal touch. Not only that, but Laura was at the very first Lady Killas meetup in July '16! She's an OG fashooo.

about the Process

I met Laura our Senior year at SDSU as we were wrapping up our art degrees in Graphic Design. This Italian goddess immediately stole my heart and man did she wow me with her talent. 
When the idea for this t-shirt came up I knew it was right up her alley and she would execute the line work perfectly. I shared some inspo, did some brief hand modeling (NBD) and boom. Lo (as I like to call her) got back to me with some quick sketches, traced it in Illustrator and our Hand & Rose tee came to life.


We try to keep the production of our work local as much as possible! So when it came to silkscreening the shirt we knew we'd want to do it all ourselves. We got the screen for the art burned at a local shop and acid washed a large batch of t-shirts in my kitchen. I'm talking mid-August, hair up, lookin' crazy, mad scientist gloves and a sink full of bleach. The fumes were probably mildly unsafe but look how dope the shirts are. That's called sacrifice for your art, people. We also printed these with the OG Lady Killas logo on the back. This hand-lettered version had a short run but it has a special place in my heart.


Finally, we took our batch of newly acid-washed tees, posted up at Park & Rec and live printed this shirt for an art event they were holding that night. It was a total blast and we can't wait to work with Lo again in the future!

View her work at lauraweinbrenner.com or follow along on Instagram with @lo_dubz and @lo_doodles.

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