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So you know those cute names society has come up with for a woman in charge? She-E-O? Girl Boss? Mom-trepreneur? Yeah, well, you won't be hearing anymore of that from us. You don't see anyone callin' these gentlemen in charge by their pet-name counterpart. 

This month we'll be talking with two women that embody the mindset that true success and being a Bo$$ comes with: GRIT & GRIND – whether you're wearing heels or wingtips to the board room.

ANNIE WINGER, partner and COO of Brand Value Accelerator, has let nothing stop her on her way to the top and her success can be seen as a result. She has grown BVA, an agency specializing in eCommerce and marketing, from a 3-person team to now 70+, with offices in San Diego, LA, NYC, Sydney, AU and Tijuana, MX. And if that wasn't impressive enough, last year alone they grew their revenue by 152%.

LEIGH KEITH, one of 13 siblings, started her journey on nothing but a shoestring budget and a recipe from her dad. She is now the co-founder and COO of Perfect Bar that is revolutionizing the highly competitive functional foods category by offering the FIRST refrigerated nutrition bar on the market. Leigh has excelled in roles spanning all facets of her wildly successful company and remains steadfast in building healthy communities from the inside out.

Annie & Leigh will talk about their paths to the executive suite, how to persevere when times get tough and what it's like being a BO$$ (versus a "Girl Boss"). Annie will also touch on choosing her career over starting a family, while Leigh will talk about the balance between her family and professional life.

Admission is FREE and (space permitting) we are not exclusive. We welcome all 21+, females, and males that support the cause.

We can't wait to see & meet you all!

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