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--- RECAP ---

You don't need a fancy business school degree. You don't need millions of dollars in capital.  You don't even need a formal business plan. To make it as a badass lady entrepreneur, you really only need two things: self-awareness and self-discipline.

That was a key message shared by all of our panelists on Thursday. And it was clear that these ladies have both, in spades!

Thanks again to these four rad business owners for speaking:

The ladies shared tons of insights on the highs and lows of running their own businesses, and tips for other current or future lady bosses. Below are some of the highlights:

  • Learn when to let go, and have faith in the people around you.
  • Above all, know your worth and value yourself. Make sure you're demanding recognition for your work, and get rid of toxic clients that bring you down.
  • Show your appreciation for the work done by partners, employees, etc. 
  • Have a plan, but don't be too strict or eager. Scale slowly and intentionally, but be open to unplanned opportunities.
  • You don't need a business degree to run a business. There are numerous resources out there to help you: Denver Organization Development NetworkDPL Research,Colorado Small Business Development Center, and of course, YouTube 
  • Find a good lawyer and a good CPA, the rest you can figure out on your own
  • Figure out what your "signature move" is as a business. What makes you different? What are your strengths? What can you do that's 'grammable?
  • Creating a website is the modern-day business plan. Sites like Wix that walk you through the design process step-by-step highlight the important things you need to define for your business. 

Extra special thanks to Fort Greene for the awesome venue and amazing staff, Beef King for the toothsome eats, and Andrew Raitz, our behind-the-scenes AV master, for bringing the crystal clear sound. Andrew puts on a few events of his own--@BerylsBikesBeers and @FilthyFridayDenver--that bring moto babes and fellas together each week. If you ride a bike or scooter, or even if you don't and just like hanging out with rad folks, be sure to check out his events!

See you at our next event on June 7! Stay tuned for speakers and location details! 

6 PM - cocktails and convo
7 PM - discussion and Q&A

Join us for our first session of 'Bizness School'
We'll go over all the shit you didn't know you needed to know when starting a small business.

$5 advance/$7 door
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Inclusive event (yes, men committed to the cause are welcome)

The Speakers

Naomi De La Torre.
Naomi’s enthusiasm, passion, and love for motorcycles lead the way to leaving her life as a nurse to become the owner and founder of Triple Tree Café. After countless group rides, she found herself asking, “Why isn’t there a place for motorcyclists to gather and meet other fellow riders?” The question lead to Triple Tree Café--a place for motorcyclists, and all travelers, to gather and plan their next great adventure.

Savannah Marshall.
Savannah founded Social Savvy, where she works with various small, local, businesses around Denver as their social media manager and marketing specialist! Savannah also started and runs another company called Urban Party Adventure which brings scavenger hunt/bar crawl events to Downtown during the summer months.

Bre Patterson.
When Bre Patterson isn’t busy being a young entrepreneur, social media guru, influencer and blogger (Bites with Bre, Basta Media, New Hope Cattle Dog Rescue), you can find her rescuing dogs (no big deal), enjoying the outdoors (usually with a glass of wine in hand), or being super competitive at board games. Bre’s success at an early age comes from her passion and drive to share what she loves, food and entrepreneur life!

Clair Samuel.
Clair Samuel recently formed NoCairns to advise startups and small companies on operational and organizational planning. Previous to this, she was VP of Finance and Operations at Otherlab, an R&D startup platform and VC fund, Director of Finance and Operations for a healthcare startup, Vital Labs and the Interim Director of Operations at Greentown Labs.

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