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--- RECAP ---

Thanks to our badass speakers, Carrie and Kirsten Barry of The Corner Boxing Club, for sharing their stories, lives and advice. Whether you're sparring in the ring, the boardroom or the living room, the lessons they've learned can be applied business and life to grow stronger and smarter.

Here are just a highlights from their many words of wisdom:

  • Live in the suck - Find what makes your uncomfortable and embrace your "Dark Place," then bite down and push through it to come out stronger on the other side.
  • Don't be afraid to ask for help - Behind every great boxer is a coach, manager, physician, therapist, and a whole slew of others helping to make them a champion. There are no individual sports, and there are no individual businesses. It takes a team to be great, so don't be afraid to seek out help. We're all stronger in numbers.  
  • Make all the mistakes - Everyone is making mistakes all the time, whether it's incorrect sparring form or failed businesses. They're so busy making mistakes, they'll never notice yours. So make them, and grow from them.
  • It shows if you don't train - The way to recover from mistakes quicker and become stronger is by practicing. Whether it's exercising in the ring before a match or rehearsing in front of the mirror before a speech, you must prepare. 
  • Fight for today - At The Corner Boxing Club, they encourage people to box, not for glory, but to feel better that day. Long-term growth will come from that naturally.  

Extra special thanks to Sanitas Brewing for the great space and tasty beers!

6 PM - cocktails and convo
7 PM - discussion and Q&A

Developing a tough skin can be...tough. Sit down with the Lady Killas and two kick-ass entrepreneur boxing coaches. We'll talk about skills and lessons to apply to life outside the ring.

$5 advance/$7 door
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Inclusive event (yes, men committed to the cause are welcome)

The Speakers


Carrie is a 10x National Champion, former Captain of the US Olympic Boxing Team, and coach of the US Youth and Junior 2015 World Championship Teams. Carrie proudly served in the US Army attached to the WCAP Boxing Program. She also has a degree in sports medicine and is a certified strength & conditioning specialist.


Kirsten is the 2016 Colorado State Golden Gloves champion. She's also a USA Weightlifting and USA Boxing Level 1 Coach. Recently, she became a certified EMT, graduated from the fire academy, and is currently working on beginning her career as a Colorado fire fighter. When Carrie and Kirsten aren't in the gym, you'll usually find them enjoying a few beers, riding bikes, or hanging out with their fluffy wolfpack.


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