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--- RECAP ---

Thank you to all the rad ladies that come out to Whole-istic Wellness last week. It was great to see familiar faces after a bit of a summer break, and wonderful to meet some new ladies! 

Extra special thanks to our incredibly intelligent and insightful speakers, Kimberly Nuffer, Jamie Hackbarth, Dr. Jenn Capps and Amber Long! Here is a healthy dose of their real-world wellness advice:

  • Prescribe Yourself Some "Lifestyle Medicine" - 80% of health problems can be changed with lifestyle changes.
  • Time & Energy Are Things You Can Manage - Take control of your calendar by setting aside at least 15 minutes a day to be active. But remember that time is finite, yet energy is renewable. So focus on both time AND energy management.
  • Define Your "Wheel of Wellness" - Figure out what you're good at, what you're not good at, and then prioritize your wellness lifestyle to be balanced, realistic and based on the here and now.
  • Practice Intentional Movement & Play Like Kids - Being active doesn't have to be complicated or expensive. Hula hoop, play soccer, play tag, go for a walk with a friend. All of these things are free and don't require a ton of gear or accessories. 
  • Eat in Season & Know When to Opt-Out of Organic - Fruits and vegetables that are in season are typically less expensive. And not all produce HAS to be organic. It's fine to eat non-organic root vegetables and fruits with non-edible rinds because they're protected from chemicals and pesticides. 
  • Stop Trying to Be Less - Diets call for you to be less, good nutrition calls for you to be more. Follow a long-term healthy lifestyle that builds your body and mind, not a short-term diet that reduces you.
  • Be Wary of "Just 3 Easy Payments" Solutions - Like most things in life, if it sounds too good to be true, it is. Avoid screamin' deals on anything that ends in $0.99. Watch your cholesterol on high fat/low carb diets. Use credible sources like .orgs/.govs to research whizz-bang health claims (we're looking at you jade eggs, crystals and magnets!). 

The ladies also mentioned a number of resources, apps and websites that can help you maintain a healthy lifestyle:

Thanks also to Bigsby's Folly for the great space and killer wine, a key part of any healthy lifestyle, right?!


6 PM - cocktails and convo
7 PM - discussion and Q&A


Kimberly Nuffer
Kimberly Nuffer, LCSW, is on a mission to cultivate resilience and community within the physician group of Colorado Permanente Medical Group (CPMG). Kimberly is the Behavioral Health and Wellness Specialist for CPMG of Kaiser Permanente Colorado where she’s worked for the last 19 years in several capacities, including in outpatient behavioral health and physician onboarding. She attends to her wellbeing in her backyard urban farm, on her bicycle in the Colorado mountains, and while cooking for her family.  

Jamie Hackbarth 
Jamie Hackbarth is the Health and Wellness Strategist for the Colorado Office of Economic Development and International Trade (OEDIT) and Lead Wellness Consultant for the Small Business Development Center Network.  She developed and is executing the For Colorado: For the Health of It!, a statewide initiative with the mission to cultivate a culture of health and wellness in businesses and communities statewide while simultaneously enhancing economic vitality.  She aspires to catalyze the power businesses can play in enhancing the quality of life in their communities. 

Dr. Jean Capps

Dr. Capps is the interim dean of the College of Professional Studies at Metropolitan State University of Denver. Dean Capps has served as a university leader for 10 years, developing and sustaining public-private partnerships and creating an interdisciplinary curriculum that is responsive to industry and workforce needs. Dean Capps earned a M.A. in counseling psychology from the University of Colorado, Denver, and a doctorate in counseling psychology with a focus in education and supervision from the University of Northern Colorado. She is a licensed professional counselor. 

Amber Long 
Amber is the Executive Director of Wellness and Recreation Services at the University of Colorado Denver. She is a dedicated and passionate wellness and recreation professional with comprehensive experience in business development, fitness management, client services, and fitness education. Amber is committed to growing and promoting the quality of the fitness and wellness industry as a whole; to improve the health and wellness of our nation, one person at a time.

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