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--- RECAP ---

Second event down, so many more to go! Thank you to everyone that came out Thursday night and for being such a supportive and engaged crowd! We were thrilled to see familiar faces from the first event, and to meet so many new Killas! 

Special thanks to our wonderful speakers, Deva and Sage! It's hard to believe that such successful and established women suffer from Imposter Syndrome, but encouraging to know that we're not alone. Thank you ladies for so openly sharing your insecurities and for arming us all with tips on how to overcome ours. Tips like: 

  • Be your own best friend! Turn the mirror inward and boost yourself up like you would do for friends. 
  • Truly ask yourself, "What's the worst that could happen?" If it's living in your parents basement, that's really not so bad!
  • Write down what you've done. Track your accomplishments so you can read it when you need a pick me up.
  • Instead of feeling like an imposter, view your fresh take as an asset. 
  • Don't feel like you have to respond to a client question right away. It's okay (and oftentimes commands more respect) when you say "You know, I have to think about that and get back to you once I've done some research."
  • Ask yourself, "What would being great look like right now?" Each situation is different and will be unique in what constitutes success. Don't let the same-old-same-old be a crutch nor a restraint. 

And extra special thanks to Andrew Raitz, our behind-the-scenes AV master, for helping us hear over the din of other diners. Andrew puts on a few events of his own--@BerylsBikesBeers and @FilthyFridayDenver--that bring moto babes and fellas together each week. If you ride a bike or scooter, or even if you don't and just like hanging out with rad folks, be sure to check out his events!

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6 PM - cocktails and convo
7 PM - discussion and Q&A

Deva Montalbano and Sage Case from Studiotrope Design Collective

Don't Foster the Impostor - You Know What You're Talking About

Dress for Success Denver! Please bring gently-used, ready-to-wear professional attire or cash to donate.

Free! RSVP for a ticket 

Inclusive event (yes, men committed to the cause are welcome)

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