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Real Talk

Artist Collab: Hand Stitched Sass with Renee Chan

Renee Chan is a freelance graphic designer from Hong Kong who moved to the US to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has a small business called Renky Paper & Goods where she sells greeting cards, stickers, painted plant pots and embroidered goods. She's had pop-ups with businesses like Anthropologie, West Elm and a local San Diego favorite, Little Dame Shop.  
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San Diego

Spring '18 Shoot

We were honored to collaborate with some truly amazing women, who all came into our lives by way of Lady Killas for our spring shoot. Take a look at the photos below and don't forget to let us know what you think! Photographer: Sydney CiscoModels: Megan Engler, Christina McMillan, Angela Prince, Tiffany Green, Stacey Panis, Sydney Cisco, Courtney Wall, Cudi the Pup       Liked what you saw? Wanna be #twinzzzz with these babes? We got you.Shop our line of apparel and accessories HERE.
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23 Valentine's Days Spent Alone

Post by Courtney Wall 02/14/18 I'm 23 years old and I've never had a date for Valentine's Day *gaaaasp*. This fact was something that bugged me a little in high school. It bothered me a little more in college when I was stood up on Valentine's Day by a Tinder date (el oh el, don't really know what I was thinking). But, over the years, this fact has slowly become a badge of honor. My heart grew strong and icy, and my self love blossomed. I've been chronically single for quite some time (at least during the month of February) and was really starting to enjoy it. Welcome to the plot twist.   This year, I have a boyfriend who...
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I Left My Stomach in Chicago:
An Emotional Food Tour of the Windy City

This August I packed my Purple Honda Fit with clothes & books and made the 30-hour drive from Chicago to San Diego. Am I glad I did it? Uh, yes. But I realized a part of me was missing over time. I was going through a breakup. A culinary breakup.
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Artist Collab: Bad*ss Women by Sydney Cisco

We were lucky to start the year off right, in collaboration with Sydney Cisco! She came to us by way of being a vendor at one of our San Diego events. Here are some of her words about her expertise...
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Artist Collab: Tattoo Inspired Pins with Jenna Aguon

An artist born and raised in San Diego, CA, Jenna started her tattooing career apprenticing under Mike Kellerman of Celebrity Tattoo in 2009. Since then she has continued to refine her craft and recently collaborated with us on two pin designs!
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Alli Webb | Founder of Dry Bar

We sat down with Alli Webb, founder of Dry Bar to talk about her journey as a successful entrepreneur. From a door to door mobile business to now 78 locations nationwide, this lady hustles haaaard and she was an absolute joy to chat with! 
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