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I'm 23 years old and I've never had a date for Valentine's Day *gaaaasp*.
This fact was something that bugged me a little in high school. It bothered me a little more in college when I was stood up on Valentine's Day by a Tinder date (el oh el, don't really know what I was thinking). But, over the years, this fact has slowly become a badge of honor.
My heart grew strong and icy, and my self love blossomed. I've been chronically single for quite some time (at least during the month of February) and was really starting to enjoy it.

Welcome to the plot twist.


This year, I have a boyfriend who has melted my heart over the past 7 months (gag) and is taking ya girl out tonight. It got me wondering what I may have been missing all those years.
For the record, I think we can all agree that Valentine's Day IS just a day. Doing something special for someone because consumerism said so isn't the key to making your significant other feel loved. But alas, this year I decided to ask 5 people over the age of 40 their favorite and/or most memorable Valentine's Day date to find out if there was any substance to the day.


Q: Looking back, what is your favorite and/or most memorable Valentine's Day?

Name: Yogi R.
Age: 55
Answer: Haha, to be honest with you I don't do Valentine's Day, it kind of sucks ass.

Off to a great start! 


Name: Elaine W. (my mom)
Age: 58
A: It's funny, because we don't really celebrate that Hallmark day. We basically treat every day like it's Valentine's Day.

Hmmm, great feedback mom. I ran into this answer a lot, and while it's lovely, I wanted more specifics.


Name: Gene W. (my dad)
Age: 54
A: Your mom has been my only Valentine for the last 30+ years, but we've really avoided getting caught up in the Valentine's Day date stuff and stick to doing something special whenever we want to, which is more than once a year.
However, I do remember getting her a special gold rope heart shaped necklace when we were first dating along with one of those giant heart shaped cookies!
The cookie was unique because it was back in da day when they first started making them as a novelty item.

I remember trying this necklace on as a kid, so I thought this was pretty lovely. I also find it nearly impossible to imagine a world before cookie cakes but there you have it.


Name: Greta B. (My friend Flo's Mom)
Age: 40
A: In an email to Flo... My favorite story is Valentine's Eve because that is when we adopted my favorite daughter Thea. Oops did I say Favorite? She ate her fresh poop today. So you are back on top.

Ohhh Greta, you've got some jokes.

Most interviewees were on the same page as me, and agreed that the holiday is overrated. But here is my favorite answer that sung a different tune...


Name: Joan W.
Age: 75
A: Everyone of 'em. Every Valentine's Day my husband bought me flowers. Now, I can't have real flowers [due to allergies] so my husband fixed me up a new bouquet of artificial ones each year and sent them to the factory where I worked. And then we would go out to dinner. You're only young and in love once so my advice would be make the most of it.


So there ya have it! Make of it what you will but I found these answers to be a perfect mix of cynical and heartwarming.
And, to my boyfriend who is probably reading this....no pressure. At the very least, it'll hopefully end in a bang. 😉

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