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Written by Courtney Wall


about the collab

We came across Renee on Instagram and knew we were meant to collaborate. I already had a mood board going for "bad words + needlepoint" for quite some time...naturally... and the fact that a local expert walked into my life was too good to be true!  Through rounds of sketches sent back and forth over email while Renee was visiting family in Hong Kong, three featured pieces came to life.

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a little background

The craft of needlepoint dates back to ancient Egypt and became a popular domestic craft in the 16th century. Renee's craft is also referred to as hand embroidery, and whatever you wanna call it, it's pretty awesome.


about the artist

Renee Chan is a freelance graphic designer from Hong Kong who moved to the US to study at the Rhode Island School of Design. She has a small business called Renky Paper & Goods where she sells greeting cards, stickers, painted plant pots and embroidered goods. She's had pop-ups with businesses like Anthropologie, West Elm and a local San Diego favorite, Little Dame Shop.  

She loves making tangible things with her hands as a break from the computer. She started embroidering a year and a half ago, taking her love of doodling patterns and fun graphics into a different medium; thread and fabric. From the embroidery hoop she started to expand into patches and apparel. 

Her collaboration with Lady Killas is a modern spin on the classic art of embroidery, showing that it's not always stuffy and boring. Curse words are juxtaposed with flowers, rays and beautiful ombre lettering.


process baby, process 

Check out some of these photos Renee snapped of her creative process!


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