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Post by Courtney Wall

the artist

Jenna crossed paths with Lady Killas when I was looking for a female artist to give me and my bestie a cute matching tattoo! After finding her through a mutual friend's Instagram feed, I booked an appointment with her and we knew a collab was in order.

An artist born and raised in San Diego, CA, Jenna started her tattooing career apprenticing under Mike Kellerman of Celebrity Tattoo in 2009. Already an accomplished painter and artist on many other platforms, in the past seven years Jenna has spent countless hours perfecting her technique, continuing to grow, and producing high quality tattoos that can be seen on her clients throughout the country. Her dedication to creating unique, personalized, and timeless pieces has made her one of the notable rising stars in the San Diego tattoo community.

In honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, Jenna teamed up with Lady Killas San Diego to help orchestrate Tits & Tats! That's right, a tattoo event to fight breast cancer. You can see a recap of the event here.

We dreamed up a sheet of tattoo flash together and permanently inked innocent victims  San Diego Lady Killas! Check out some of our faves here.

 flash sheet

the process

After sharing Pinterest sourced inspo and sketching our own ideas, we began to collab. Once we had a clear idea of what we wanted we met at a coffee shop (shoutout Copa Vida!) and knocked out most of the sheet.

Jenna is UN. REAL. with a sketch book and a pencil in her hands. No sooner did I speak an idea than it was on paper coming to life. After our tattoo event, we picked these two pieces to recreate as enamel pins. I traced Jenna's sketches in Illustrator, added a little of my own flair, sent them to the vendor and voila!



We hope you enjoy these little pins as much as we do. Just like a tattoo, they've got a meaningful story that goes with them and they serve as reminders to give 'em hell babe but pleeease remember that self love.



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  • Jenna is my Dewey! So blinkin proud of my girl, she hustles her craft, stays fresh, edgy, and authentic! She doesn’t let anyone keep her down, and loves to bless others with her God-given talent. Keep growing, caring for self and others, encouraging other ladies to be their best ? Ma

    Tracy Aguon

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