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This is about all of us.

We, at Lady Killas, are building a community to lean on, learn from, and inspire one another to make a difference and raise the percentage of women in leadership.


Lady Killas is a female owned-and-operated organization devoted to the growth of female leadership in the workplace. We create a platform around education & opportunity through monthly networking & speaker events, a product line and content striving to empower women in their everyday lives.

what is a lady killa?
A Lady Killa is a female that is killing the game. Whether you're a girl with a side hustle, an entrepreneur, a blogger, a hair stylist, a front-end developer, etc. you made it here and we think you're pretty cool.

So now that you're here, ya gotta know: We are bold, passionate and unapologetic. We raise awareness to the wage gap, assist in the growth and promotion of female-owned business, and bring together an amazing and positive community devoted to the cause.

now, what about the men?
Our events are accessible to all, including the men in our lives. We believe there is no line drawn in the sand between the ladies and the gents; they are our colleagues, our friends, our family, and our partners. You can't make a difference without getting everyone to the table.


Lady Killas is currently located in San Diego and Denver with our sights on expanding. Check back soon for more locations, or if you're interested in starting a chapter email us at heybabe@ladykillas.com.


get involved.
We're nothing without community! Find out how you can get involved here.



meet the squad.

Courtney Wall // Founder, SD Chapter Lead
This girl hails from Texas, y'all - where things get bigger and better, just like Lady Killas! She started this whole thing as a small meet up with a few of her friends and now handles all of the things from designing our Killa apparel, interviewing the badass women at our events, setting up dope partnerships. She's been building this community since July of 2016. She passionate about pink hair, her punk ass cat, and you gals! 
Follow her hustle: @court_creates


Lindsey Bratton // Denver Chapter Lead
This driven and kind hearted lady is from Seattle and has settled in Denver. She's freakishly organized, has two adorable fur babies and makes sure the Denver chapter keeps chugging along with the help of her team of hustlas. 
Follow her adventures: @lindseybratton